Coty Hogue is such an impressive young talent - an amazing powerful singer and instrumentalist - songwriter. One foot is planted solidly in older traditions and the other moving forward into new musical worlds. She is indeed, as has been described, a young woman with an old soul.”

— Grammy Nominated Alice Gerrard (Hazel and Alice)


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I listen to Coty’s CD when I am weary of city life and want to be transported to a different place and time. Her powerful voice and plaintive delivery combined with the nature of the songs she writes and plays remind me of a time when we lived closer to the land—and to each other. In reminding me of my roots, she also reminds me of what has been lost. And it “hurts real good,” as my Grandpa used to say.

~ Tamara Lewis, KBCS Radio ~ Seattle

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Originally from Montana, Coty Hogue is a singer and multi-instrumentalist whom Alice Gerrard (of Hazel and Alice) has called "an impressive young talent." She has released three albums and been featured on BBC radio Sirius XM satellite radio. Her rendition of the traditional song 'Going to the West' charted #1 on the FOLK-DJ radio charts and another, "Oh Wind" is featured in the independent film, Neon Sky. She performs throughout the Northwest with her trio and teaches banjo, guitar, and songwriting both privately and at music camps. 


Coty Hogue's got something different in her. Maybe it's from growing up in a Montana town several orders of magnitude below "small;" maybe it comes from immersing herself in a folk music tradition that extends back for centuries. Whatever it is, you'd be hard-pressed to put your finger on it. She is not the sort of person to draw attention to herself, but when she opens her mouth, you have no choice but to sit up and listen. A singer and multi-instrumentalist whom Grammy-nominated Alice Gerrard (of Hazel and Alice) has called "an impressive young talent," she synthesizes traditional styles while nodding to her contemporary influences such as Lucinda Williams and Stevie Nicks. She has released three albums and been featured on BBC radio and Sirius XM satellite radio. Her rendition of the traditional song 'Going to the West' charted #1 on the FOLK-DJ radio charts and another, "Oh Wind" is featured in the independent film, Neon Sky.

If you get the chance to see Coty Hogue, don't miss it. It's a rare sort of performer who will keep you transfixed through several full sets of music. She's got the simple elegance and understated mastery of her craft that distinguishes much more established players, and it is this- a young voice flavored with the tannins of an old soul- that quietly sets her apart. 


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  • BBC2 Radio's "Bob Harris Country"
  • WNCW (North Carolina)
  • Sirius XM Satellite Radio "Bluegrass Junction"

The Morton Report album review "Flight"
"..Reminds me of the work of Canada’s wonderful Lynn Miles and also a bit of early Joni Mitchell. Her mesmerizing vocals convey emotion and conviction, and the backup, which features violin, viola, and mandolin, is top-notch. "

The Capitol Hill Times "A Natural Occurance: Coty Hogue at Folklife"

The Blue Plate Special Blog interview (post show) - Knoxville, TN 

The Bluegrass Special "To The West" Album Review" by David McGee
"An old soul in a young woman’s body, Ms. Hogue’s songs rise up from the earth she loves, are haunted by mountains and waters, and, even in their spare arrangements, evoke the freedom of wide open spaces with a limitless horizon; in this landscape she posits herself a pioneer exploring her heart as surely as those of another age sought a better life in uncharted territory."

Fiddle Freak "To The West" Album Review" by Stuart Mason
"Her strong, clear voice is certainly the finest example of the American folk tradition right now."

Victory Music "To The West" Album Review 
"This album is folk music lovingly done right, song after song."
"This album by Bellingham's Coty Hogue, to its eternal credit, brought on a deep breath and a relaxed sigh. "To the West" is a musical bus ride to your old hometown and a smile from a dear friend all rolled into one."

"Debut Album of the Week (June 26, 2011)" ~ JSI's Reviews
"Coty Hogue's songs strike a chord. And by "strike" I mean that they really stab you with a devastating knowledge of all you long for, all you lost, and all that is just out of reach. It's gorgeous in musically, with banjo and guitar at the forefront and guest musicians filling in here and there. But it's powerful in its message.
Family, setting, meaning, loneliness, hope. Hogue reintroduces you to all of the major players in your emotional life with the delicious, earthbound sounds of the West. Hogue's voice is strong and unadorned. It doesn't need frills. She puts on no pretenses, and you will appreciate her honesty. It's 13 good ol' reminiscent desolation country blues from a lovely new artist, so pay attention."

"Old Time Music Made New Again" ~ Hearth Music
  "She’s a fearless singer, able to tackle some of the most profound songs in the tradition, and unafraid of putting her own stamp on the music."

Victory Music Concert Review at Dusty Strings
"Coty's simple and honest delivery throughout the evening came straight from her origins and personality. It's a breath of fresh air coming from a simple place for those of us folks who want to keep home town sensibilities while dwelling in a fast paced city."

Concert Review at Sally Loo's Cafe, San Luis Obispo, CA
"Coty's voice is like rolling green hills bathed in sunlight; easy and effortless"
"The band plays together comfortably, their instruments conversing like old friends, catching up and getting excited, then winding down and sitting contentedly in silence"