1. Winter

From the recording Flight

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©Coty Hogue, Perpetual Hoedown Music, 2016

Pour the morning tea
Lock the door behind me
Feel the bitter air
Winter's everywhere
Put on my brave face
The bitter taste of too many swallowed tears

All the rules are breaking
Everything is changing
The damn's cracked open wide

I fall apart
You had my heart
Look like winter's here to stay

Faces in the crowd
They laugh and carry on
But deep inside there's no denying
That all the bare trees
They're just a metaphor
For the loneliness knocking at my door

The spell's been broken
I've been torn wide open
The walls are crumbling down


But I pick myself up
Sip from the steaming cup
And I hear a missing line
Night casts it's shadow
Over the silent night
Light my candle
Thanks for this beautiful life

But still....